May 2007

May 23, 2007

DiscRevolt Raises $1.5 Million

Fair play to DiscRevolt. They've raised $1.5 million from a group of angel investors.

I do like the simplicity of the proposition. I hope they make it work.

May 15, 2007

Revolutionary or revolting?

My good friend Andrew Falconer at element creative sent me this link to DiscRevolt, a new way to sell digital downloads at gigs via band-specific download cards. Having spent some time exploring digital delivery via smart cards, I think this is a nice idea. I particularly like its simplicity.

On the plus side, fans are ready to spend money at gigs, and for the youngsters who don't have a credit card it overcomes a payment problem. Plus, it's a cool collectible.

On the minus side, it's another format to explain and the same result could be achieved by the band by simply giving a web or MySpace page address to their fans and charging them when they get to the site - as for the credit card thing, well they've all got parents haven't they? I know who pays for my son's online purchases.

But I'll watch it with interest. I've long believed that merchandising will increase in importance, because it's a well established way to combine a physical item with a brand or intangible - music, film and TV being perfect examples. It's often said that you can't put a download under the Christmas tree, but in a high speed internet environment coupled with a networked home there's no reason why you can't gift an item of merchandising with an access code and a simple mechanic to get hold of the associated content.

Report: Western Europe Digital Music Sales to Overtake Physical by 2011

This is strange. I've seen many, many forecasts of the growth of digital music, but I can't remember seeing one that says digital will catch up with physical so soon (by 2011).

Even better, Swedish market research firm Berg Insight expects digital sales to offset the decline in physical sales and push the European market back into growth by the beginning of next year. The drivers are music enabled mobile phones and unrestricted internet access.

So all's right in the world after all. What was all the fuss about?

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