I've been working with Virgin Digital for the last few months, managing the development and delivery of a new music download service.

The new service replaces one that was developed by Virgin in the US, which closed down last week. Knowing that the US service was closing made the project a race against time, but thanks to a lot of hard work - big thanks to the development team at Interesource - we made it!

The big change is that while the old service required customers to download and install a 25MB software application, even if they only wanted to buy a single track, the new service is completely web-based - as far as we know the first in the world.

As well as the store, there is a music club. For only £9.99 a month club members can listen to all the music they want, 24 hours a day. They can stream and create playlists in the very cool Virgin Digital Player, or download unlimited tracks to listen to offline. For an extra fiver , club members can transfer their downloaded tracks to a compatible MP3 player.

Over the few weeks we'll be working on some enhancements to improve the site's performance: but already sales have increased significantly compared with the old service. The advantage of a web service is that it can easily be changed to improve design and usability, and add features. There are some exciting developments planned over the coming months so watch this space...

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