Microsoft moves from A(rgo) to Z(une)

Microsoft's General Manager Of Marketing, Chris Stephenson, revealed details last week of a "new music and entertainment project" called Zune, confirming the rampant rumours that have been flying around for the last month or so, (which I've covered on this site).

While not going into any great detail about how the product will compare to Apple's music proposition, Stephenson told Billboard that Zune would incorporate WiFi technology, and would aim to build music fan communities in much the way Microsoft's Xbox Live aims to build communities of gaming fans.

Interestingly, Stephenson described the new service as "one part MySpace, one part iTunes and one part Xbox Live", which is a fairly good description of where they should be aiming: the community of MySpace, the design and simplicity of iTunes and the community and rich content delivery of Xbox Live. This could be the most exciting thing to hit the music market for a long time, but Microsoft has to get every part of it right from day 1.

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