BT's Vision

BT's broadband movie download-to-own service finally launches on Monday, initially offering about 150 films through a deal with Universal Pictures.

This is not like the download to burn and own service from CinemaNow or a version of it from Movielink in the U.S., but a "three-product" offering of films to watch and own, which will be viewable via a PC, a portable device, and a DVD that will be mailed out. It seems similar to Universal's deal with Lovefilm in April.

BT has secured the rights to offer the films at the same window as the DVD sale window, around three months before channels like Sky Movies air them as PPV. Prices per movie will range from £7.99 to £16.99.

It's another important step towards true on-demand digital distribution. This time the catch is that customers will have to buy a set-top box from BT to access the service, and the service is going to have to be very good for people to buy another box.

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