Sandi Thom, debate and vitriol

I made my first contribution to Guardian Unlimited's Comment is Free blog today. I was responding to an article by Charlie Brooker in which he took Sandi Thom to task for, as far as I could see; writing a shit song (Charlie's description), and having the gall to use clever marketing to promote her work.

You can follow the debate, if that's what it is, here. As a way of keeping a story alive and engaging readers I can only see this type of activity increasing. But I have to admit that, like Georgina Henry a few weeks ago, I was surprised by the level of aggression and bad language in some of the posts. Hey, I can use some choice words with the best of them, but in a public forum like this? Less is more.

Anyway, if you don't agree with me you can F*@k off.

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