BBC: British Buzzword Corporation?

Notwithstanding my praise for BBC's Creative Future plans announced last week, I'm growing increasingly concerned by the plethora of buzzwords emanating from those behind the plans.

Rafat Ali at Paid Content has paraphrased comments made by Mark Thompson, Director General, at the We Media conference yesterday, and they make scary reading:

We believe we are seeing a second disruptive wave, where there are more opportunities...we are trying to find out what it means for us. We have seen a shift from anxiety being top of the list of reactions in our organization, to that this extraordinary world is better for BBC to be in. The audience phase of the media is over.

There is fundamental misunderstanding among a lot of media and other comanies about the power of these technologies.

The editorial in the future will be led by users, as much as us. User will configure and personalize and make their own.

This is a consumer-driven democratic world, and if we're useful, we'll be relevant. If not, then not.

Get your Bulls@%t Bingo cards ready...

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