April 2006

April 28, 2006

easyInternet cafe

Following my quest to blog from different places, I'm sitting in the easyInternet cafe in Tottenham Court Road.

Sadly, I don't have anything worthwhile to say (which probably means I shouldn't say anything at all) but I'm here, and I can, so here it is.

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April 27, 2006

BBC looks to its Creative Future

The big media story of the week is BBC's unveiling of Creative Future, a new editorial blueprint designed to deliver more value to audiences over the next six years and turn the BBC's public purposes laid out in the recent Government White Paper into quality content for the on-demand world.

image.jpg A major component of the review is a relaunch of the BBC's website to include more personalisation, a richer audio-visual experience and user generated content. The new site development will incorporate BBC's three-pronged approach to refocus all future digital output and services around three concepts - "share", "find" and "play".

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April 20, 2006

New Video iPod

Rumours have been flying around of a new video iPod with a full sized touchscreen. It sounds like the holdup may be down to difficulties in securing deals with the major studios, but if it is real, and if it looks anything like these pics on various internet sites, then it's going to be the greatest must-have gadget since, well, the last iPod...

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April 19, 2006

Coffee and Wi-Fi

I've found another place to have a coffee and free internet access - Benugo on Great Portland Street. Unlike St George's, where you just hook into their unsecured network (bless...) here you get a free access code for 30 minutes of internet access.

Nice touch - I appreciate the free access, and it's long enough to download emails (and maybe write a quick blog entry). They, on the other hand, don't want me spending the next two hours over one coffee, so 30 minutes is fair.

Come on Starbucks...

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April 9, 2006

Lovefilm/Video Island Merger

Lovefilm and Video Island are to merge to create a new company with a subscriber base of 400,000 and a 17% market share of all DVD rentals in the UK. The group will offer customers the largest DVD library in Europe, with more than 70,000 unique titles and 1.2 million DVDs and video games, as well as a Video-on-Demand service.


Lovefilm is the first company to offer movie downloads to rent and to own, and this merger can only accelerate its progress. Perhaps we're seeing the emergence of a new powerhouse in the video market, which must be frustrating if you're a shareholder in Blockbuster or Netflix - both of whom had a significant head start and haven't been able to take advantage.

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