Origami unfolded

So Microsoft revealed its much-anticipated Origami Project at CeBIT in Germany, and it largely confirmed the rumours that had been flying around the internet. Origami is a new platform of devices it calls Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPC). The UMPC is like a small Tablet PC with a 7-inch touch screen, and runs the full version of Windows XP. Devices will be manufactured by a number of manufacturers with an expected price range between $599 and $999.

Microsoft announced a couple of initial partners. TV place-shifting company Sling Media said it would begin offering a customized version of its SlingPlayer software for the platform. And online movie service Movielink said will offer its premium Hollywood content to users ...Movielink will provide video content from Microsoft's UMPC Program Launcher.

I see this as a step in the right direction, but I fear it may fall between two stools: is it a computer or is it a portable entertainment device? Unless Microsoft and its partners focus, the UMPC may end up just being a smaller, smarter tablet PC - which is OK, but tablets have never taken off in any big way.

From MSFT's own site for this, a flash demo of how it works.

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