Good Computer, Bad Computer (1)

Bad computer

I spent much of Friday working on a client presentation with colleagues from Impaq. I did the right thing by saving changes as I went along, but I did the wrong thing by not bringing a power lead and relying on battery power.

We're all familiar with that moment when "45% of battery power and 2 hours left" suddenly becomes "You are low in battery power. Save your changes etc." and just as suddenly turns to "Going into Standby".

Now, you'll recall I said I had saved everything as I went along, so although it was frustrating to have to stop (there were two other Dell laptops in the room but neither of the power leads would fit), at least I was confortable in the knowledge that when I got home I could power up and continue.

Not so. When I looked for the file at home it was nowhere to be seen - it had completely disappeared. My best guess is that because I synchronise my files with my home network, I was saving the presentation in offline mode ready for synchronisation. The laptop went into standby, and I then powered down, without the synchronisation process taking place: offline files must be stored in some temporary memory cache that doesn't survive powering down.

Luckily I remembered most of what we had done so I was able to rebuild the presentation, so I've learned my lesson the hard way.

Still, BAD computer...

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