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A US company - TVMyPod - has begun offering iPods for sale with preloaded content ripped from DVDs. Whether the service is legal or illegal is a source of some debate, but it did make me think that the concept of iPod personalisation hasn't taken off as much as I thought it would.

Apple have issued a couple of branded iPods, for example the black U2 iPod and a Hogwarts-branded player, but where are the Chelsea or Manchester United iPods? Shouldn't there be a Nike iPod, or maybe one with the St George's Cross (don't put me down for one of these) or a Scottish Saltire?

Clearly it would be difficult for Apple to offer a wide range of iPods to cater for every market segment, but isn't this a perfect secondary market that someone could work with Apple to exploit. Instead of just a couple of lines of engraving, customers could be directed to a site where they could order the personalisation of their choice.

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